Nausicaä Enriquez

Nausicaä Enriquez attends college in the fey realm of Portland, Oregon, where she studies art, created and runs her school’s LGBT+ D&D+ Organization, participates in student theater, and wishes she had an elf’s trance ability. In her spare time, she writes queer fiction and tabletop games, tries to convince people that tabletop games are inherently queer, and dreams of a kinder and more enchanting world. She returns to the mortal world in the summer, where she works at the public library, has her annual A:TLA rewatch, and tries to be a freelance artist.

She’s been obsessed with Eberron for more than half her life, bears the Mark of Shadows, and loves her regular Eberron groups very much. She will take any opportunity to rub her grubby little trans hands all over this world and is eternally grateful that Eberron and its fans support her in this quest. You can find her D&D work on the DMs Guild and at

Nausicaä is the designer of season 1, episode 12.