Jay Africa

Jay Africa is a freelance game designer, graphic designer, theatre designer, and occasional actor and musician. You may have seen him as a guest DM on Saving Throw’s “Ironkeep Chronicles” or playing through Betrayal Legacy on Geek & Sundry’s “Game the Game”. Jay loves traveling and loves playing D&D wherever he travels. He’s run games all over the United States, as well as in Japan and his homeland, the Philippines. He now lives in Los Angeles CA, United States, and is the father of two cool kids. Jay currently enjoys watching the Dragon Prince, reading Endless Quest books to his boys, drawing maps and other graphics for adventures, and reading through Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Wise Man’s Fear”.

He is excited to be working on Across Eberron and is looking forward to bringing more of the setting to life for players everywhere!

Jay is the designer of season 1, episode 6.