Escape from Riedra

Riedra may be the land of your dreams, but the Eyes are always watching.

Journey to the distant empire of Riedra in this stand-alone Across Eberron adventure from the team that brought you the best-selling Convergence Manifesto adventure path and Eberronicon. This Tier 2 module is optimized for five 7th-level characters.

Adventure Summary:

A Riedran deserter has come to the adventurers with a simple request—save her lost love from the control of the Inspired and bring her safely back to Khorvaire. Player characters must navigate the sinister surveillance state, do battle with powerful psionic foes, and resist the creeping threat of psychic assimilation.

Far more than an adventure module, Escape from Riedra provides DMs and players with a bounty of tools to bring any Sarlonan adventure to life, including:

  • An introduction to the empire of Riedra and how it integrates psionics into daily life.
  • A new system for tracking the nefarious and ubiquitous psionic influence of the Inspired.
  • An extensive bestiary with thirteen new monsters for use in any campaign.
  • Racial traits for Chosen and eneko player characters.

About Us:

Across Eberron is an Eberron community project that aims to tell the stories and exploits of heroic characters in Eberron and introduce players—new and experienced—to the wonderful lore and rich history the setting has to offer.

Imogen Gingell (author) is a professional space nerd by day and RPG enthusiast by night. She began her journey into the worlds of D&D in the late nineties, and found her creative stride with the release of the Eberron campaign setting. She serves as co-host of the Manifest Zone podcast (along with Wayne Chang and setting creator Keith Baker), and survives the urban sprawl from her little corner of England, practicing her art, writing, and game design. Her DMsGuild work includes the platinum-bestselling School of Geometry, the electrum-bestselling Codex Siberys, and more.

Laura Hirsbrunner (editor) is a TTRPG editor and designer, wife to a paladin, and mother to two gibbering mouthlings. In her free time, she explores dungeons and slays daelkyr (because really, dragons aren’t the bad guys). Her DMsGuild work includes the adamantine best-seller Exploring Eberron by Keith Baker, as well as EberroniconArchetypes of Eberron, and more.