Derek Myers

Derek is a professional writer who’s worked in marketing and communications for 20 years. He’s been an avid gamer for 35 years and still plays D&D every week with his gaming group from high school.

Writing under the name Ameron, Derek created the 4e D&D blog Dungeon’s Master. It was active for five years, during which time he wrote over 1,000 D&D articles. His ideas for improving the game and his passion for D&D caught the attention of Wizards of the Coast, which led to freelance writing opportunities. He’s published articles in Dungeon Magazine and has published two CCC modules for the D&D Adventurers League.

He’s also a pop culture enthusiast and is the co-host of Pop Goes Your World, the pop culture podcast for the generations.

Derek is the designer Perfect Timing (Across Eberron season 1, episode 5).