Skyfall by Imogen Gingell, Patrick Dunning, Jarrod Taylor, and Ed Chivers

The sky is falling!

Save Sharn from planar catastrophe in the epic thirteenth and final episode of the Across Eberron: Convergence Manifesto adventure path, Skyfall. This three-part adventure is designed for five 7th-level characters. Your party does not need to have played past episodes to enjoy Skyfall, though previous adventures (see below) with the Clifftop Guild will deepen their experience. Written by Imogen Gingell, Patrick Dunning, Jarrod Taylor, and Ed Chivers for use with the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron by Keith Baker.

About the Authors: 

Imogen Gingell is a professional space nerd by day, and RPG enthusiast by night. She began her journey into the worlds of D&D in the late nineties, and found her creative stride with the release of the Eberron campaign setting. For three editions of the game she has been designing new content for her blog, The Dragon Above and the collected works in her Codex Siberys. Now she survives the urban sprawl from her little corner of London, England, practicing her art, writing and game design.

Patrick Dunning started playing and DMing Dungeons & Dragons with 3rd Edition back in 2001. When Eberron came along in 2004 it was the halfling barbarians on velociraptors that hooked him. Eberron has been his preferred setting to play pretend ever since. He hails from Richmond, Virginia where he works by day as a systems administrator.

Jarrod Taylor has loyally served the Daughters of Sora Kell for over a decade. When he is not consumed in the world of Eberron, he can be found in Southern Ohio where he is a manager and projectionist at a movie theater. Jarrod is a Forever DM and has taken great joy in shifting the default setting his players explore to Eberron. He is thankful that his spouse is willing to tolerate his tabletop obsession and frequently joins in on the games Jarrod runs when they both aren’t spending time playing dinosaurs with their son. This is his first attempt to bring his Eberron ideas to new players and fans of the setting.

Ed Chivers was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons by well-meaning friends as a teenager in the 90s. He discovered the world of Eberron in 2006 as a player and now runs regular games for friends. This is his first foray into writing adventures. He lives in Sheffield in the UK, and is a father to two children who both seem to have inherited the dice-rolling gene.

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