A Heart in Mourning by Chad Justis & Aaron Killeen

Retrieve a lost artifact in the Mournland… if you have the heart for it.

Battle your way through the eleventh adventure of the Across Eberron: Convergence Manifesto adventure path with A Heart in Mourning, optimized for 6th level characters. Written by Chad Justis & Aaron Killeen for Dungeons & Dragons and the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron by Keith Baker, only available on the Dungeon Masters Guild!

About the Authors: 

Chad Justis is a teacher and musician from Southern New Jersey where they eat hoagies, put jimmies on their ice cream, and drink ‘wooder.’ Being thrust into the Dungeon Master position very early on in his D&D experience (in 4e no less!) has led him to explore and create using many different resources as he continues to practice and improve his skills as DM and PC alike. Currently, Chad DMs for an Eberron 5e actual-play podcast called DADcast: A D&D Podcast where he crafts a hopefully compelling narrative with his goofball group of friends as well as arranges and composes music to accompany their shenanigans. This is Chad’s first formal written adventure meant for publishing and he is both excited and concerned that everyone will discover his true identity as three cats in a trench coat.

Aaron Killeen has been gaming since middle school with 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. The release of Eberron prompted him to begin the role of DM and he has held the mantle in almost continuous Eberron campaigns in all iterations of the game since. By day, Aaron works in public education, but at all other times he is hopelessly addicted to indoctrinating his wife and two kids to RPGs, board games, mini and terrain painting/collecting, and most things geeky.


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