Live Another Day by Dave Knighton

Find yourselves in a life or death fight alongside some rather unusual allies. Can you defend the Shining Valley and its harpy inhabitants against Droaam forces?

Follow the siren call into the second adventure of the Across Eberron: Convergence Manifesto adventure path with Live Another Day with this adventure for 2nd level characters. Written by Dave Knighton for Dungeons & Dragons and the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron by Keith Baker, only available on the Dungeon Masters Guild!

About the Author: In the real world, Dave Knighton works on computers and is constantly asked to push the “magic” button to make things work. His obsession, however, is Dungeons & Dragons. Every week he sits behind the screen and runs his wife and friends through adventures while his 4 kids and 2 cats run wildly around the house. When not playing D&D, he is busy writing adventures, mainly for the D&D Adventurers League Con Created Content, or working with his wife on editing and layout of the Khyber Khronicle. You can learn more about Dave and his exploits at

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